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    Additional Tools for your Jazz Guitar Playing Skills.

    "Lessons In Jazz Guitar" is a group concepts that I used to assist with my own guitar playing development. I compiled this information into this book form with the hopes that it too will assist you. These studies are based around the concept on close relationship between chords and scales and scales to chords. The studies are centered around major, dorian, harmonic, melodic minor and diminished scales. The studies  include a breakdown of scale harmonization, chord synonyms, exercises and single line studies as applied to each of the previously mentioned concepts. Additionally, notation and demonstration are provided for each. For detailed information click on the picture or link provided above.


    Areas of Concentration:

    • Learning Chord Forms (from basic E & A forms)
    • Jazz Scales
    • Chord harmony (Pts.1&2, Major Scale Harmonizing, Dorian Minor Scale Harmonizing, Dorian Minor Pt.1&2, Melodic Minor Scale Harmonizing, Harmonic Minor Scale Harmonizing
    • Jazz Harmony (Major, Dorian Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor)
    • ii-V7-I Progressions
    • Combine Jazz Harmony with ii-V7-I progressions (building upon motifs/ideas)
    • Expand your functional chord vocabulary
    • Develop a detailed "mental fretboard"
    • Develop harmonic recognition                                

      Features Included :

        • Videos and interactive training material
        • E books and Methods
        • Frequently Updated "Bag of Licks"
        • "New" Instructors Corner - Access To Your Instructor (Open Door Policy)
        • "New" Student Lounge (forum - ideas, tips & Tricks sharing)

    Bi- weekly access to online lessons- $19.95:

    For detailed information concerning one on one lessons please refer to the "Private Lessons" tab.