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  • Beginner Guitar Lessons

    The "Essential Guide For Learning Guitar", is a book that I have developed  specifically to address the needs of the Beginning Guitarist. Each course is self paced and designed to provide a solid foundation on the basics  for all players; regardless of your skill level. These courses provide instructions that will assist you with your development as a guitarist. Each lessons includes music notational  ebooks,  instructional videos and interactive instructional tools that compliment both the text and videos. Each  lesson tool also provides detailed instructions outside the text to ensure your learning and understanding of the material.  

    Additionally, these lessons are structured to teach within one format and is continued on that same pattern from which you've started. No learning different approaches over and over to the point where you are spending more time on numerous techniques.

    The intent of these lessons is to eliminate the complexity and provide ease to the learner.  So that you, the learner, will understand what you are doing and are able to apply what you've learned to many different situations. You have access to all of the videos and ebook material 24 hours a day.

    The courses includes,very easy to use: PDF formated ebook training materials, videos (MP4s format) and interactive training modules (.htm and .exe formats).  You just download the material and view the video content. If you have quests concerning the material there a "Instructors Corner", where you post your questions. You will receive an immediate response.

    A Comprehensive Beginner Guitar Course:  Playing guitar can be overwhelming particularly trying to decide where to begin... and which direction to take. No matter what route you take you,at some point will return to obtaining the fundamentals which help you understand what you are doing and how to apply it to any situation.

    The, "Essential Guide For Learning Guitar", course is designed to help you develop the proper fundamentals with less frustration as possible. This will provide you with the confidence you need to advance your playing skills.

    Areas of Concentration:

    •  Correct use of plucking/picking hand to produce sound.
    • Correct use of fretting hand to finger pitches.
    • Development of basic technique—combination of left and right hand.
    • Learning to play basic chords.
    • Learning to read pitch notation.
    • Learning to read rhythmic notation and play it.
    • Learning simple meter and compound meter.
    •  Learning keys and key signatures as applicable to beginning guitar.
    • Learning first position.
    • Learning to accompany songs with use of chords.
    • Learning the enjoyment of the process of mastering an instrument and the preparing of music for performance.
    • Learn to in duets
    • Learn To Play chord Solos

    1 month access to online Beginner Guitar Lessons $35.00

    For details concerning one on one lessons, please refer to the tab, "Private Lessons".