Welcome to Ronka Music Group.

I'm recording artist, Ronny Smith (http://www.ronnysmith.com) and I have developed self paced online "Beginner Guitar" courses as well as a more advance set of  "Jazz Guitar"  courses designed to provide a solid  foundation of the basics  for players and beginners alike; regardless of your skill level. The lessons include music notational ebooks,  instructional videos as well as interactive instructional tools which compliment both the text and videos. Each  lesson provides detailed instructions outside the text to ensure that you are learning and understanding all of the material.  

The methodology of these lessons teach one way and continue on that same pattern from which you started. No learning different approaches over and over to the point where you are spending more time on numerous techniques instead of progressing as a guitar player.

The intent of these lessons is to eliminate the complexity and provide ease to the learner.  So that you, the learner, will understand what you are doing and are able to apply what you have learned to many different situations. Additionally, these courses were designed with the student in mind.

Maybe you need one on one consultations to assist with your learning. We offer private lessons as well. Learning guitar online can seem challenging and frustrating to many of us. With our private instructions via "Skype"  we will help you be the guitarist you know you can be, from the comfort of your own home. Click on the "Private Lessons" tab to learn more

Hope This Information Helps with your Journey